Sources of information and other research on FAA proposed ruling:

AMA Podcast with Tyler Dobbs.      Link:

FPV Freedom Coalition:      Link:   see the “Remote ID response”. Week of Feb 10.

Pilot Institute:   link:

You Tube searches:    FAA NPRM  regarding the FAA drone rules Proposal.  

What to do to impact the FAA rules committee final decisions:

  1.  Go to  (  docket#  FAA-2019-1100) and give your inputs before the deadline of March 2, 2020.  Your input can not be a copy of someone else. It must be in your own words or at lease your own format.  You can attach your larger comment documents (pdf) rather than type up to 5000 characters in the box provided.
  2. Also send your input document to your Senators and Congressman. It is an election year so get them on board now.  If the rules don’t get corrected, the legislators can force them to be changed later.
  3. Be constructive, not hostile with your comments.  I think the inputs will be sorted into three buckets:  A - objections with constructive suggestions, B -objections only,  C- hostile.  You can imagine what they will do with group C.
  4. Quantity of inputs matters as much as what is said (groups A & B). You can only post one time, but you can encourage others (pilots and non pilots) to submit inputs. Even car drivers that don’t want to have a tracking device in their car should say no this NPRM.

Format for your input document:

  1.  Tell them what your interests are: (building, design & optimizing, vintage, types of flying, etx.) How many planes of what size, type. What you gain or loose from this recreation.
  2.  Identify specific items in the proposal that you are most concerned about.
  3. Make recommendations that you prefer to address the FAA specific concerns.